Diamond investment is an old form of investment. Diamonds and other rare jewels have long been collected by the rich and royal. Diamonds and other gems signify honor, pride, power, luxury, and wealth. From generation to generation, the largest gemstones in the world are owned by some of the most powerful people. Diamond investment has stood the test of time. During the course of history, the value  of diamonds inflated from 150% to 200%.


Investing in diamonds has some basic and real reasons, and here're the top ten reasons why.


Diamonds have been known to be resilient against nature's decay. The oldest known existing substance is diamonds which were formed millions  of years ago. Of all the substance on earth, diamond is considered the hardest. The quality and shine of diamonds are will not degrade through time compared to any other forms of investments. Diamonds offer stability, security, and increases its value over time.


Diamonds used as payments has been used before. Any country accepts liquidation of diamonds.


Diamonds possess universal pricing which is controlled by a universal price report known as Rapaport. The universal price of diamonds across the world makes it more valuable.


It is hard to find diamonds which makes it more valuable than any other substance. 80% of extracted diamonds are poor quality. The remaining 20% are the only one used to make jewelry. The supply of diamonds will ran out as De Beers reported that they haven't found new diamonds mines across the world. Diamonds have been a special part in any occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Certain feeling of love, power, rarity, and strength has been represented by placement diamant. Investors value the high yield return of diamonds.


Security has always been provided by diamonds especially during times of recession and downfall of financial institutions. Diamonds maintain its value and is not directly affected by worldwide stocks and bond values. Diamonds provides insurance for the future. Diamonds are equated to cash on hand.

People have always shown their adornment and appreciation to the beauty and value of diamonds.


Diamonds will always stay beautiful over a period of time requiring a very low maintenance. Monitoring the value of diamonds in the market is easy as its value is constantly growing.


Diamonds provide more room for new investors. There is relatively a small number of diamond investors worldwide. Investors of diamond often see them as personal collection and a long term investment



Diamonds provide portability and free tax. Transporting diamonds is easy due to its small size. Capital gain tax and possession does not apply to diamonds. these are the reasons why diamonds are among the favorite of the rich and famous. Check out this epargne page discussions.